First off- you can purchase in bulk , at a wholesale rate, any of the Faces of Buffalo items in our store, and resell them face-to-face for a profit at your events. If interested in this contact us. 716.854-5033.

Second, you can become an affiliate and earn revenue for your school or group that way.

Third, we have a custom mosaic fundraiser with our Faces for Fundraising program.

Faces for Fundraising™ Community Art Mosaics are made from self-portraits and other drawings created by people in your community. Up close you see faces and from a distance they combine to form a mosaic image representing your school, business, organization, faith group or city. It’s creative, clever and simple.

Easy as 1, 2, 3
The project is easy. After contracting with Faces for Fundraising™ you just communicate your project, draw your faces (or other art) and receive your profits! So simple. We handle all the hard work. We’ll make an incredible mosaic that leaves you awestruck! You can receive product orders in bulk for distribution or we can set up an online store, process orders online and ship them.

Create Your Faces

You do the fun part. Your participants create their faces and other drawings on our official drawing form. A school can do it in class in a week or two. It’s great for employees and community members at events or patients in a hospital. How easy!

We Make a Beautiful Mosaic
We are experts at uniting them into a mosaic design of your choice. Almost any theme or image is possible. Pick one that highlights your cause and your city to maximize sales.

Visit the Site
Principles of inclusion, unity of diversity, creativity and civic pride bring you fundraising you can feel good about. Children, adults – everyone loves this activity! No special skill is required. Every drawing is included. The products are high quality. They attractive because they are made out of our greatest asset – People!

Call 716.854.5033 to get started or visit Faces for Fundraising to learn more