Faces for Kids Escaping Drugs

Kids Escaping Drugs, Inc and Faces of Buffalo launch Community Art Mosaic Project to promote positive activities and end the stigma of addiction.

Up close you see self portraits and wellness activities, from a distance they all unite to make beautiful mosaics designed to uplift the community, celebrate wellness and end the stigma of addiction.

Addiction does not discriminate, it can effect anyone, anywhere at anytime. For a long time our society has seen addicts for only the darker side of addiction- as bad, deficient, criminal or incompetent. Why is this? One reason is because certain activities and behaviors that come along with addiction often define an addict and it appears to be all they care about.

But that is not the full picture. People suffering from addiction are members of our family and community. They are moms and dads, neighbors, teachers, doctors, public officials. And- just like all of us, they have hopes, dreams, skills and abilities. They have a wide variety of interests and healthy activities that addiction often blocks them from taking action on. When we see them as we see ourselves we help bring them the acceptance they need to get help. The stigma of addiction can end with you.

You can make a difference when you create your smiling self portrait to celebrate that we are all amazing people filled with love, light and positive interests… and create a wellness activity to remind us of the wonderful activities we embrace in life that are healthy and constructive.

Want to get involved?

  • Download Official Drawing Form
  • Draw as a family, business, church or community group.
  • Create your self portraits and wellness activity squares on the official coloring form.
  • Return your completed drawings before the next deadline.

Press Release:
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Kids Escaping Drugs, Inc.
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Faces of Buffalo Community Art Mosaics
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